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Patent Enforcement and Patent Infringement Videos

Patent Agent Michael Craner Talks about Financing Patent Litigation through GPC.

Entrepreneur Ron Goade Talks about Patent Enforcement Services from GPC

U.S. Patent Infringement

Under United States laws, patent infringement is not a crime, so there are no "patent police." Patent infringement is a civil matter, so patent enforcement is the responsibility of the patent owner. In the U.S., enforcement of a U.S. Patent is accomplished via patent infringement litigation – filing a patent infringement lawsuit against the infringer.

About half of all U.S. Patents are issued to non-U.S. residents. Whilst patent enforcement is a considerable challenge for U.S. residents, it is even more difficult for those who do not live in the United States. As the oldest patent enforcement firm in the U.S., no organisation has more experience with patent infringement litigation than General Patent Corporation (GPC). GPC helps U.S. citizens, businesses and universities, as well as non-U.S. citizens, businesses and universities, enforce their U.S. patents.

More importantly, General Patent works on a 100% contingency basis. A "contingency" basis means that payment to GPC for our patent enforcement services is "contingent" on our securing compensation for you for the infringement of your patent. You pay us nothing up front. We are only re-paid for the monies we expend on your behalf, and we are only paid for the patent enforcement services we provide, if and when we realise compensation for you, the patent owner, for the infringement of your patent.

In the United States, civil litigation – especially patent infringement litigation – is very expensive. It can cost many thousands of dollars – even millions of dollars – to prosecute a successful patent infringement lawsuit. There are both the legal fees paid to the attorneys, as well as what are called "disbursements." These include filing fees, research, expert witnesses, depositions, trial demonstratives and jury consultants.

When a patent owner launches patent infringement litigation, it is usually an individual, small business or university that owns the patent and a large corporation that is infringing the patent. That is not exactly a fair fight! A large corporation can afford the costs associated with patent infringement litigation whilst the patent owner usually cannot. That creates a void that General Patent fills:

  • We take the side of the patent owner and research his (or her or its) claim of patent infringement.

  • We engage a law firm to try the patent infringement.

  • We cover all the costs of the patent litigation.

  • We negotiate licences with the patent infringers on behalf of the patent owner.

  • We seek out and identify any additional infringers of the patent.

  • We manage the entire process.

  • We keep you informed throughout the entire process whilst your litigation works its way through the U.S. legal system.

  • We use a unique model that minimises liability and risk for the patent owner.

  • We are ONLY repaid if we are successful at realising compensation for the patent owner for the infringement of his patent.

Once a settlement is secured, it is shared by the patent owner, the law firm that tried the case and General Patent Corporation per an agreed-to formula. To determine if General Patent can secure compensation for the infringement of your U.S. Patent, the first step is to complete a U.S. Patent Infringement Information Form.