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In “Calling Oracle Hypocritica, Google Denies Patent Infringement,” General Patent CEO Alexander Poltorak defines exactly what a “patent troll” is.

“Why Apple’s Patent Infringement Payout Is Still in Play” includes extensive commentary by General Patent’s CEO, Alexander Poltorak.

General Patent CEO Alexander Poltorak
comments on the
patent infringement

litigation between Motorola and Apple.

Alexander Poltorak explains the intricacies of patent litigation between Google and Oracle.

General Patent’s Director of Licensing,
Kathlene Ingham, helps design engineers understand some
patent basics.

U.S. Patent Litigation

In the United States, civil litigation is an expensive and lengthy undertaking. Amongst all civil litigation in the U.S., patent infringement litigation is the second most expensive after anti-trust claims. The non-U.S. resident who is a U.S. Patent owner and the victim of patent infringement is faced with many challenges. In addition to not being physically located in the United States, the non-U.S. resident who owns a U.S. Patent is not familiar with U.S. laws and business practices, and very few can afford the cost of launching patent infringement litigation.

That's why General Patent Corporation (GPC) reaches out to non-U.S. residents – in the UK and around the world – who own U.S. Patents. GPC becomes not just your physical presence in the United States, but your advocate for justice in the very complicated U.S. legal system. The courts in the U.S. consist of several layers of local, state and federal jurisdictions. U.S. Patent laws are very complicated. Several recent court decisions affect the recourse that patent owners have and the compensation they can seek for infringement of their patents.

GPC provides a comprehensive package of services for the non-U.S. resident who believes his (or her or its) patent has been infringed.

  • Free Evaluation of Your Patent Infringement Claim: At no cost or obligation, General Patent will examine your patent infringement claim to determine if patent litigation is a practical pursuit. We will determine the viability of a patent enforcement campaign.

  • Offer to Assist and Represent You: If we believe your patent infringement claim is both valid and financially viable, we will offer to represent you in the U.S., and we will detail exactly what we will do for you and how we will be paid. If we cannot represent you, you are under no obligation, and you are free to pursue other avenues.

  • 100% Contingency Basis: You pay us nothing up front. We engage a law firm to prosecute patent litigation on your behalf, we cover all litigation expenses, and you (as the patent owner), the law firm and General Patent share in the proceeds of the litigation per an agreed-to formula.

  • Manage the Entire Process: General Patent manages the entire process, supervises and coordinates the work of the law firm, keeps you informed whilst your litigation proceeds, identifies any additional infringers, negotiates licensing agreements, and makes sure the patent owner is paid whatever compensation is awarded by the court or agreed to amongst the parties to the litigation.

Is engaging General Patent Corporation to launch patent infringement litigation on behalf of you and your U.S. Patent the right decision? Find out by completing a U.S. Patent Infringement Information Form.